Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Don't miss Land of Talk... Tonight!!

Tonight @ The Beachland in conjunction with the awesome Music Saves they will be serving up some of the best slices of indie rock we have had so far this. The lineup looks like this with: Land of Talk opening followed by Field Music and then band everyone is coming out to see Menomena. While we think all three bands on the bill are great we are going to focus on Land of Talk since they are the opener and we figure every hipster will be there for Menomena and as a result they would miss out on seeing the great band that is Land of Talk.

Land of talk hail from Montréal, Canada and while you might have grown tired of all these great bands having come from that city here is yet another one to add to that ever growing list. Land of talk are a three piece fronted by their lead singer Elizabeth Powell on lead vocals/guitar backed by her band mates Bucky Wheaton on drums and Chris McCaron on bass. Together they make some beautful, fuzz driven driven indie rock that brings to mind a combination Sonic Youth with of the energy of the Yeah Yeah Yeah's and the soulfulness of Cat Power. Their debut record "Applause Cheer Boo Hiss" actually came out in the states yesterday so now you can pick it up now. The show tonight starts @ 9 and costs only $10 get their early enough to see this great and upcoming band.

(mp3) Land of Talk - Speak to me bones

(mp3) Land of Talk - Seafoam (live)

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Jim said...

Feh... Ellen Allien will clearly be the superior show. ;-)