Friday, March 16, 2007

Sláinte (redux )

(this is my st. patrick's day post from last year please note the mp3's have been re-upped)

Arg. I already typed this post once but I didn't save and of course blogger had to misbehave and freeze up anyways here I go again:

It is now St. Patrick's Day as I type this, the first time I typed it was not. This morning I am preparing for the day as I listen to the sounds of The Pogues while I watch highlights of the NCAA tournament from yesterday (BC almost ruined my brackets, close one). Sorry no green beer for me, I am going to have a pint of guiness or two in a little bit. I am going to be spending this St.Patrick's Day holdin it down in c-town meanwhile the rest of you will be spending it in other exciting locales such as Dublin, Ireland, New York, Boston and of course Naples, Florida ;)

Speaking of the Pogues, those of you that are going to see them with The Walkmen are damn lucky. I think that the sounds of Mr. Shane McGowan's gravelly yet beautiful voice are perfect for consuming libations on a sunny day like today (where is the snow?). One of my favorite Pogues's songs is the cover they do of "Whiskey in the Jar." I know that many artists have covered this song from Thin Lizzy to Metallica to The Grateful Dead.

(mp3) The Pogues w/The Dubliners - Whiskey in the Jar (for Becky & Paul)
(mp3) U2- Whiskey in the Jar (live)
(mp3) Thin Lizzy - Whiskey in the Jar
(mp3) Metallica- Whiskey in the Jar

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