Saturday, July 01, 2006

Georgia on my mind...

Tonight on my drive home I was tuning into my local NPR affiliate (WCPN) where they were featuring Ray Charles via the American Routes program. Now, I am somewhat familiar with his work well the hits ( Hit the road jack, What I'd Say, I got a woman etc) but I had no idea he covered "Elenor Rigby" ,"Ring of Fire" and "Your Cheating Heart" amoungst many others. If you are like me and have not heard these covers here you go. Mr. Ray Charles is a true genius. I am in awe of his talent it is too bad he has left us, but at the same time he has left such lasting impact on music, he will not soon be forgotten.

(mp3) Eleanor Rigby - Ray Charles (Beattles cover)

(mp3) Ring of Fire - Ray Charles (Johnny Cash cover)

(mp3) Your Cheating Heart- Ray Charles (Hank Williams Sr. cover)

I also wanted to share with you a cover of a song he did that used to be a favorite of mine. Back in my youth I used to go to see the Ted Daffan back in 1942.

(mp3) Born to Lose - Ray Charles (Ted Daffan cover)

I wanted to post the Bouncing Souls cover but I can't find mine, anyone get else got it?

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Robert said...

Agreed, the Charles American Routes was fantastic. He also has a great understanding of the classic composers - a legend.