Friday, June 30, 2006

Finally it is the freakin weekend

At long last, the 4th of July holiday weekend is here. We are both taking a much needed break from work and our busy social schedules (June ran us down to the bone).

For now, we are laying low and sipping on this excellent Sauvignon Blanc by Wattle Creek. There are definite elements of lemon grass while maintaining a healthy acidic balance (that other Sauvignon Blancs tend to lack, being way too acidic). We're very pleased with our selection, you can also purchase this from Heinen's (or your local grocery store) for the reasonable price of $12.99.

Bonus: Prior to enjoying our dinner (and wine) al fresco, we flipped through the channels and came across VH1 Classic's We are the 80's where we were highly entertained by the cheesy videos (ie - Depeche Mode's Just Can't Get Enough, Rick Astley's Gonna Give You Up, and Peter Gabriel's In Your Eyes). Speaking of which, definitely check out the below video for In Your Eyes and note the awesome dance moves ;)

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