Wednesday, June 28, 2006

La Cave Du Vin

Last night we went to see Final Fantasy. His peformance was just what we needed: beautiful, intimate, and on the chill tip. We were in complete awe of his of set. As always, Ryan took some great pics. A wrap up on our time in Chicago is coming this weekend, and all I can say for now is we did have a good time. Tommorow if you are looking for something fun to do @ 8pm there is a wine tasting @ La Cave Du Vin aka The Wine Cave in Coventry. The cost is $20 and it should be a good time.

My parents just got back from Ireland and we are going to Ireland in September so I am on a bit of Pogues kick tonight . Enjoy this classic by The Pogues and please be sure to note the appearance of a young Mr. Matt Dillion as a cop in the begining of the video.

(mp3) Fairy Tale of New York - Third Eye Blind (Pogues cover)

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