Friday, June 23, 2006

Weekly top 5 songs (Chicago Edition)

Within the next hour we will be on the road and thus begins our trek to Chi-town. Kelly turns 25 on Sunday. Happy early birthday to her :) Enjoy these tunes about Chicago!

5.(mp3) San Francisco - Alkaline Trio live @ the Vic Theatre in Chicago of course

4.(mp3) Chicago at Night - Spoon the title says it all, from their great album, girls can tell

3.(mp3) Hey Chicago - Low a nice and breezy gem

2.(mp3) Sweet Home Chicago - Blue Brothers a great cover of this Robert Johnson classic

1.(mp3) My Kind of Town - Frank Sinatra you can't go wrong with this one

1 comment:

Eric said...

Hope Intonation was as good as everyone has been saying it was. I would have posted Via Chicago by Wilco, but that's just me.