Thursday, June 15, 2006

We are the Sleepyheads

The above picture is a favorite of my family's cat, Bailey :) It's very appropriate because Jose and I have been wishing we could take multiple cat naps throughout the past few days at work -- it's nice to be busy and have fun, but we are happy to take a little break this evening and do absolutely nothing. . .

In the meantime, check out this weekend's CMJ Music Fest Schedule, which we are resting up for, and this mini-playlist I'm listening to right now:

1. [Mp3] Belle & Sebastian - We are the Sleepyheads
2. [Mp3] The Concretes - Sunbeams
3. [Mp3] The Radio Dept. - Sleeping In
4. [Mp3] Matt Costa - Sunshine

1 comment:

Kacy said...

um, did you know that your cat is laying on a doll bed? i can't believe it is actually sleeping on that thing!