Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Cleveland Browns: The Team and The Band

I know that for some of us, July 26th is a day we have circled our calendars. That day marks the opening day of training camp for our beloved Cleveland Browns which means the highly anticipated 2006-'07 season is right around the corner.

Speaking of which, while I was searching a new music blog recently (which you all should check out: I'm Just Saying is All...), I discovered a group that Kyle had posted about called The Cleveland Browns. Although this group does not hail from Cleveland nor has anything to do with football, they do hail from Madison, Wisconsin -- and, since I lived there for a year I know what a kick-ass town Madison is, so it is ok with me that use that name.

According to the Cleveland Browns, "If Prince was wearing a tracksuit at a bar, then [we] the Cleveland Browns would be on his ipod." They are a glitchy bedroom band-pop with a dancy edge that is highly energetic, fun, and will get stuck in your head.

(mp3) Secrets - The Cleveland Browns

(mp3) I heart Kylie - The Cleveland Browns Check out their remix

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