Sunday, July 09, 2006

Tonight: Cat Power & The Memphis Rhythm Band

In the past, I was a little apprehensive about attending a Cat Power show. . . For years I have been so in love with her soulful, haunting melodies -- so much in fact, that I wanted my image of her to remain pure in its essence. This might sound a little dramatic, but basically I was afraid that her infamous erratic onstage behavior would potentially ruin my ability to enjoy her music forever.

Well, lucky for all of us there has recently been an outpouring of positive reviews, raving about a fresh-faced and sober Chan Marshall (all seeming to start with her adorable David Letterman appearance). For example, read Village Voice's feature titled Cat Power: Not Crazy Anymore! or The Independent's Happy to be Back in the Ring, where she admits to her new vice: tea :)

So, this evening Jose and I have the privilege to see the new Cat Power, where she will be backed by The Memphis Rhythm Band. They will be playing a free outdoor concert at Pittsburgh's Hartwood Park, starting at 7:30pm. I just called the Hartwood Parks Department and they said blankets, beverages, and food are encouraged -- I couldn't help smiling and thinking that this is exactly how I had always hoped to enjoy her live performance.

[Mp3] Cat Power - Evolution

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