Sunday, July 02, 2006

Bears News

Tonight our friends, Bears, play their 2nd ever show @ The Beachland Ballroom in the tavern @ 9pm. This time they will be playing with The Very Knees, New Granada and Heartwarmer (tickets are only $5). If you have not been keeping track of Bears lately then you are missing out because they are starting to make some noise. You can now buy their album on iTunes and on Insound. There is even a promo you can use thru July 20th @ Insound (where Bears reached #31 on their sales chart) to get a discount on their record: use "bearsdiscount" @ checkout. Their record is even being worked and played on college radio, thanks to the reputable promo company AAM. Speaking of underground radio, Ohio's own has recently added them to their playlist.

Locally you can purchase their record at the awesome Music Saves (conveniently located next door to The Beachland Ballroom) and at the equally as great Square Records in Akron. If you want to know more about Bears, check out our previous posts here and here and be sure to check out the Bears' site which has a great new feature complete with band bios.

Most importantly, please come check out Bears tonight so you can say you saw them first!!

(mp3) How to live - Bears

Bonus: If you still need convincing, be sure to view Ryan's excellent pictures and feeback from Bears' first show here!

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