Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ohio Boy Lives!!!

Design above from Ohio Boy

Yesterday in our email box we were excited because we got an email from Ohio Boy letting us know that finally their site had been updated. It has been quite a while and long over due their previous site did not do justice for the quality of their work. For those who don't know Ohio Boy is the work of the supremely talented, Kent educated, Ohio bred artist & designer Andy Taray. His list of work is long and impressive including a stint as art director for MTV networks .

We have been fans of his for several years now and even own several t-shirts from campfire fire goods, (you need to check out the holiday series a whole slew of t-shirts paying homage to "A Christmas Story") were he helps out in his spare time. We are campfire were @ Bazaar Bizaree two years ago it looks like unfortunately they won't be there this year though (nor will we, since we will be out of town when it is going on Dec 13th & 14th) but the list of vendors for this year's event looks very strong. We know we are going to be missing out especially since it is back @ in the great building that used to be 1300 gallery (r.i.p.).

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