Monday, November 24, 2008

Snapshots of this Past Extended Weekend

You may recall our plans over the the weekend: Attending the GCP Holiday Party (Note: our apologies for having too good of a time to photograph it, but perhaps the photo that was taken of us there by a photographer from The Plain Dealer Society Section will be published), Hitting up MOCA and The Browns game. . .

The following pictures were taken at the start of and throughout this past *extended* weekend:
I just wanted to share this picture of Kelly making pizza with our Pampered Chef Stone we got as a bridal shower gift (thanks Ruth).
Note: The t-shirt she is wearing I used to wear as a little boy
Last Thursday, Kelly and Erin (my future sister in law) hit up Dante for Sushi Blues before heading downtown to go see Legally Blonde The Musical. I never watched that MTV show for the casting but I warn you never to listen to any of the music from the show b/c
it will get stuck in your skull and never leave.
On Saturday, we hit ARTscape 2008 @ MOCA w/ CB. This tree shows some of the great purses
that Mary Ann offers. Kelly purchased one last year for our friend Sarah and she loves it.
After looking at mostly women's jewelry & crafts @ ARTscape, we needed to do something more manly (whatever) and headed to Coventry's Winking Lizard for several Pints (many more than are seen above). While there, we had a memorable encounter with a really nice waiter actually named Zack Morris.
Sunday we headed to The Browns game -- this was the view from the Lodge
Our friend Adrian, Marisa (my sister) and Kelly enjoying the game
Doing my best Bono impression
The view from the highway as we trudged home after a very frustrating day on the gridiron


Alexa said...


oh my god you guys.

yes, i saw legally blonde yesterday, after never hearing the music prior to yesterday i have been singing that opening number all day.

looks like a great weekend though : )

matt said...

That's a mighty fine Bono impression.

Mighty fine.

Allison M. said...

Don't even start with the music. It was in my head for days.

Now, we are completely entitled to wear our boyfriend's tshirts, even if they were little kids when they wore them.

Tara said...

How was sushi blues at Dante? I just heard about that and would love to check it out sometime. Did Dante get up there and play at all?

Kelly and José said...

Alexa - Yes, those songs are super catchy yet slightly annoying ;)

Matt - That is a nice compliment, yet hopefully Jose's ego never approaches that of Bono's. . .

Allison - Agreed about the music *and* the boyfriend's t-shirt :)

Tara - I would highly reccommend Dante for Sushi Blues. Highly. The spicy scallop chips were unbelievable and the overall atmosphere/music was lovely -- Dante himself didn't get up there and play while we were there, but we're told he usually makes an appearance throughout the evening*