Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Random Retro Wednesday Song: Mother Mother

Last Saturday evening, while Kelly, CB & I were at the Winking Lizard, enjoying some brews, we heard a lot of good and bad music. The very bad being when we first walked in and decided to not sit at the bar because this obnoxious guy nearby was singing Lyndard Skynard's "What Your Name" really loud and out of key (I am tone deaf too but that was just a bit much). We proceeded to be seated over into another room and trudged threw several bad songs until finally a good one came up, which was Blur's "Coffee and TV".

The next song that followed was Tracy Bonham's "Mother Mother" -- I remember liking this song in high school and she was the first alt rocker I had seen who played a violin. Back in the summer of 1996 in true alt rock glory, I saw her as part of the lineup in one of my favorite shows ever: 7 Year Bitch, Tracy Bonham, Spacehog, & Everclear when they all toured together as part of The Summer Land Tour (after the Everclear song of the same name).

I actually don't really recall Tracy Bonham's set, but I do remember these four things fondly:

1. Everclear opened with "Summer Land" which was not a single off of their awesome record Sparkle and Fade. There are a lot of great songs (Santa Monica, Heroin Girl, Strawberry) on that record, but that one is my favorite.

2. I went to that show with my friends who were working at the same restaurant where I was dish washing. They were doing buss-ing or food-prep. Anyways we were only 18 and our older coworkers who were also at the show bought us several beers.

3. I purchased a t-shirt at the show that my mom hated for the rest of the time I owned it because it said on the back "white trash and proud of it"

4. Some kids were moshing and I think of one them was wearing a Marilyn Manson t-shirt, well he got his ass kicked and he had to be carried off on a stretcher which caused them to stop the show.

Tracy Bonham - Mother Mother


matt said...

Always liked this tune, and also the name of the album, "The Burdens of Being Upright."

She was (is) a cool chick, and it looks like she still records the occasional album, and also has done a lot of work with the Blue Man Group.

And she might not have made it to the cover of the Rolling Stone, but according to Wikipedia, she did the next best thing, and married one of the editors...

BloggingJason said...

"Sparkle and Fade" is one of my favorite "Feel Bad" albums. Just so depressingly good. I think I saw them at some other point on this tour, because the show I saw had No Doubt opening for them.

And the "White Trash and Proud of it" shirt...Long Sleeve black tee with a bright green star on the front? I still have mine.

CB said...

So it WAS Tracy Bonham after all! I guess I was wrong.

And Sparkle and Fade was a great album. Thanks for reminding me of it!

Brian said...

ahh remember when moshing was cool?

There was nothing like being an underage concert goer and scoring beers thanks to older friends. Good times.

Kelly and José said...

Matt - Thanks for the facts about Tracy. I agree that was a good album as well

Jason - I had the white t-shirt version of that shirt. Have to say had because my last girlfriend before Kelly made me get rid of a lot my shirts like that after I graduated college.

CB- Yes you are wrong per usual :)

Brian - Amen to that