Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tonight! Free Screening of Flaming Lips Film: Christmas On Mars

Returning late last night from an extended weekend in beautifully sunny Naples (FL), we were none too pleased to be welcomed back by Ohio's painfully frigid air. . .

However, one thing that we do happen to be pleased about is that we came home just in time to view this evening's FREE screening of The Flaming Lips Film, Christmas On Mars :)

Who: You and your friends!

When: TONIGHT, doors open at 8pm (film starts at 8:30pm)

Why: It's a good excuse to get out and stop complaining about the weather. Oh yeah, and drink Christmas Ale!


Mel said...

Ha, I just clicked through the imdb link and noticed that "Steve" from Blue's Clues is in the movie. So hilariously awesome.

Yes, I used to watch that program, regardless if I were in college.

Brian said...

dude that is terrible...I am going to miss that. boo.... Thanks for the heads up though. I love me some Flaming Lips, the band that is...

YABOYA said...

I want to see that! Saw Flaming Lips at the Electric picnic and they put on a fine show with human-sized cuddly animals and a huge ball that a band member jumped in and surfed along the top of the crowd. Weird dudes.

I am subscribed now to your blog .. finally .. so now I will always know what you are up to ... muhahahaha!

See you soon!