Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Random Retro Wednesday (although posted on a Tuesday) Song: Party All The Time

Friday night, while getting ready to go out, Kelly and our friends were shouting out song requests for me to play. You know how important is for you ladies to hear those perfect songs to get you going before heading out on the town.

Kelly made one particular request that was pretty much beyond awesome. That request being Eddie Murphy's "Party All The Time." This song is the freaking jam because, as you know, not only is it Eddie Murphy dropping those smooth vocals but the person backing up and bringing the funk is none other than Mr. Rick James ( R.I.P.). It is too bad Eddie Murphy had to go and start making all those terrible Disney flicks -- it is just ridiculous how talented he was in the 80's. Speaking of his recent acting, he was robbed of an Oscar for a performance where he actually returned to form, in Showgirls Dream Girls (<--Editor's/Kelly's Note).

P.S. - The reason for lack of posts is because our laptop has issues and in the hospital at the moment*


BloggingJason said...

Man, I loved the Mad TV skit about this song. Aries Spears did a great impression of him.

"Potty. Potty all the time! HA!"

matt said...

GREAT one!!