Wednesday, May 28, 2008

MotivAsians Presents: Sushi + Sake Dinner @ SASAmatsu

If you have read our blog before you know that we have written about our experiences at a variety of alcohol related events, including Wine Pairings (posts: Cherry Hill, Louis Latour), Beer Tastings (posts: Belgian Beer, Great Lakes Brewery) and even Scotch Tastings (post). . .

However, last night we went to a very unique "tasting/pairing" unlike any that we had ever been to before -- that being a very lovely Sake Dinner at SASAmatsu hosted by MotivAsians (the premier organization for Asian-American professionals in Greater Cleveland). When one hears the word "sake" they might think of warm-ish nail polish remover while others think Mmm. Prior to dinner yesterday, Jose felt the way the first camp does while myself (Kelly), on the other hand, has always loved rice wine.

Following our very positive experience at SASAmatsu, both of us can now say we're fans of sake -- thankfully, Jose has finally come over to my camp in this regard (as he has with most other things ;)). On a side note, we were deliberating about whether he has only had bad sake in the past or whether his pallet simply wasn't as "sophisticated" as it is now (hmm, this topic is still up for debate).

SASAmatsu is located within Historic Shaker Square

The Menu

The Sushi and Flight of Sake

The View From Our Table

The Asian Fusion

The Delicious Dessert!!
(served with sparkling sake)

The Bar
(which we'll be sure to enjoy Happy Hour at soon)
Special Thanks to MotivAsians for hosting such a wonderful event and to Chef Scott Kim for his informative, creative, and memorable dining experience*


lifeinrecipes said...

What a fun blog! Just found you through the Cleve food forum. I'll make sure to check back regularly.

Kelly & José said...

Thank you, Heidi :)

Happy to hear you enjoyed*

Nancy Heller said...

Also just found you the same way as Heidi did! And glad I did.

Best- Nancy