Saturday, May 24, 2008

Top 5 Songs Of The Week (Hooray for No Work on Monday Edition!)

Exhausted from a busy work week, the dreary weather, and still suffering from a Cavs Hangover, we decided to stay in last night. All things considered, we felt it was the perfect opportunity to check out a movie we had been wanting to see for quite some time: I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With. Both of us had very high hopes for the film, but have found that having these expectations tend to simply leave us disappointed. Unfortunately, such was the case with I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With. . .


Our love for Sarah Silverman couldn't even salvage our feelings about this film -- in fact, she somehow made the film a little worse. Oh wait, there was one redeeming quality! Fun cameos made by Amy Sedaris, Aaron Carter (haha), Gina Gershon, and Richard Kind. Kinda sad, eh?

Okay, we're done complaining and are moving onto better things. Like relaxing on this therapeutically sunny Saturday afternoon and watching The Food Network non-stop (Down Home with the Neeley's, 30 Minute Meals with Rachel Ray, Rescue Chef, Everyday Italian) while listening to our Top Five Songs of the Week below:


5. (mp3)
Ponytail - Celebrate The Body Electric (It Came from an Angel) This marks yet another awesome band to come out of Baltimore joining the ranks of Celebration, Wye Oak, Dan Deacon, Beach House, Death Set etc. This one reminds us of Les Savy Fav with someone making cat noises on the vocals or a cross between Sonic Youth and Mike Patton.

4. (mp3) Beulah - Silver Lining A few weeks ago we were reading about how Miles Kurosky former lead singer of Beulah is working on solo material now. Beulah was a band Jose overlooked when he a music director back at the turn of this century but Kelly was into because of the ever so awesome WOXY. This prompted us to go back to those days and revisit their great album The Coast is Never Clear. This Built To Spill-esque little jam is just the very tip of this solid album's iceburg.

3. (mp3) Gus Black - Little Prince Town You may remember this guy who used to go by Gus back in the mid 90's, he had the cover of Don't Fear the Reaper on the first Scream soundtrack. These days he is making some great indie folk on his new album Today is Not The Day that is evidently quite big in Germany.

2. (mp3) Savoir Adore - We Talk Like Machines [<----you can check out the whole ep here] This Brooklyn based duo, who are label mates with MGMT, make beautiful shoegazey guitar tinged pop compositions with male/female vocals that brings to mind the sounds of Broken Social Scene blended with Mates of State.

1. (mp3)
All India Radio - Persist This group is a foursome who make cinematic trip hop a la old Portishead, Zero 7, and Boards of Canada. We were instantly drawn to the sounds and totally think this music feels like it's straight out of a Sofia Coppola film.

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