Saturday, May 24, 2008

Our yummy dinner tonight!

Our night has been very simple. . .including our dinner. . .we did not eat till after 8pm due to the fact that we were cleaning our condo (for hours) in anticipation of a visit from the one and only Jackée tomorrow. Regardless of the simplicity of our evening meal, it was beyond delicious. So delicious in fact that we are going to recommend you all make this recipe which we are sure you will want to create once you have learn what we have.

We made Open-Face Grilled Eggplant Sandwiches from the current issue of Food & Wine Magazine which we paired with a fantastic Rosé (although some might argue that it's not the best compliment but we think it really hit the spot). One thing we noticed is that this recipe did not call for garlic, however it is pretty much impossible for us not to include garlic in a recipe but the only thing that prevented us from doing so is that for once we didn't have any in the house), next time we definitely plan on using garlic :)

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[Mp3] The National - All The Wine
[Mp3] Jimmy Eat World - Table For Glasses
[Mp3] Brendan Benson - Good To Me

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