Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Oh What A Day For A Rosé

Today is not the kind of day that one would think to pick a Rosé to drink, especially given that is less than 60 degrees, gray, and actually raining. However, last night when it came to picking out some new bottles at Trader Joe's to sample, I figured "why the hell not, eventually we will get to sit outside on the patio and bask in the sun while have a nice refreshing glass of Rosé." The only problem is that the local weather forecast for the next week does not call for this ideal type of weather...henceforth we can't wait. The Rosé we are trying today is La Ferme Julien : Cotes Du Ventroux Rosé 2006. It has a great color and is dry (but not overly dry), nicely blending with a very nice overall fruitiness that makes us think of strawberries or cherries. This wine is 50% Cinsault, 40% Grenache & 10% Syrah. It is great bottle of wine especially for under $10 (we picked it up for about $8). On a worthy side note, in the past I might have pshh-ahh-ed Kelly's attempt to purchase a bottle of Rosé, but I have moved past my tendency to pigeon hole this under appreciated wine.

(mp3) Tori Amos - Feeling Rosey (AOL Sessions)

While sampling this wine, we are finally having a chance to listen to the new M83 (while we kill time before The Cavs vs Celtics game 5) which we have heard so much about. It seems so foreign to be listening to M83 and hear vocals since most of the material we are familiar with has all been instrumentals. This album is very much on the chill tip with tracks that make you think of current shoegaze groups like The Radio Dept -- while at the same time, you might swear you are listening to an ambient house DJ or perhaps some Depeche Mode.

(mp3) M83 - We Own The Night

We had a great time @ The Swell Season show on Sunday, we couldn't take pictures but wish we could have. We will make a point to share our thoughts soon!


Jason said...

So you liked the La Ferme Julien? I grabbed a Rose by Martin & Weyrich from Paso Robles (100% Tempranillo) from TJ's the other day taht I still need to try. If I remember I'll let you know what I think!

Julio Enriquez said...

why is lebron such a baby?

Kelly & José said...

Yes, we thoroughly enjoyed the bottle of La Ferme Julien Rose :) Actually, we were @ TJ's again today and tasted the Meridian Rose -- while it is not quite as good (it's slightly sweeter than we prefer), at $3.99, it's a deal difficult to pass up*


Kelly & José said...

As far as Lebron. . .

We can understand why people would view him in that light and cannot argue that he gets preferential treatment. However, it is a problem across the board in the League with marquee players. At the same time, we are extremely biased due to the fact that he hails from Northeast Ohio like ourselves and b/c we never had a player of this caliber. So, any call we get in his favor. . .we're not going to complain ;)

A lot of people did not have to grow up enduring Michael Jordan knocking their team out of the playoffs nearly EVERY year like we did. So, having a player that can do the same to other teams feels damn good.

[Editor's Note: Do not get us wrong, we are not saying that he is as good as Michael Jordan]

Lastly -- anyone else that could have Lebron on their team would feel the same way we do. Haters want to hate.