Sunday, May 11, 2008

Tonight: The Swell Season

Who: The Swell Season featuring 2008 Oscar winners Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova

What: Performing selections from the soundtrack of the film, Once (and perhaps some songs from The Frames too?)

Where: The Allen Theatre in Cleveland's Playhouse Square

When: Tonight @ 8:00pm, where Damien Dempsey will be opening

: What else do you have to do on Sunday night...well, yeah, it does happen to be Mother's Day ;) But, most come out because these songs are so touching and beautiful and you know you want to hear Glen utter "tanks" (thanks) in person.

(mp3) The Swell Season - Into The Mystic (Van Morrison Cover) Hope to hear this one tonight!

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Isorski said...

How was the gig? I saw Swell Season in Portland earlier in the tour. They were awesome. I posted a review at my blog at

Also, NPR interviewed Glen and Marketa recently and you can hear it at