Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Recent Flicks

Within recent weeks we have been taking advantage of our dvd collections, below are just a few (of the many) reasons why we have been so vacant:

The Beat My Heart Skipped

The Classic Tale of a struggling artist forced to choose between Passion and Obligation. Based off the American 70's film, Fingers, (starring Harvey Keitel) retold in a present day Paris. If you can get past subtitles (or you are fluent in French) it is definitely worth a viewing. Unfortunately, Kelly fell asleep within the first 15 minutes, but she was tired so we won't blame it on the movie being boring.


Match Point

Our favorite movie of this year (although technically of 2005), hands down. A Woody Allen film where, fortunately, he did not cast himself! This film of Allen's makes up for how God awful Melinda and Melinda was, primarily because Match Point incorporated a lot of irony and superb acting (especially the breakout performance by Jonathan Rhys-Meyers). This is a film where things truly are not what they seem.


Brokeback Mountain

A beautifully directed movie (by the great director, Ang Lee) with a phenomenal score (See Raw Like Sashimi's Post). We recommend seeing this movie for the imagery alone -- not to mention the breathtaking music and performances. It truly is a film that people will not soon forget (we know Jose's dad won't!).


Three Colors: White

We are in the midst of viewing the Trilogy, titled Three Colors: Blue, White, and Red, starting with the middle film which is often referred to as the most "light hearted." This highly regarded trilogy is directed by the polish visionary, Krzysztof Kieslowski. Julie Delpy (Before Sunset, Killing Zoe) stars as the vindictive ex-wife who has no idea what is in store for her. Karma's a Bitch! Both of us were drawn to these films with high expectations which have already been exceeded by White alone.

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