Thursday, February 09, 2006

Mas Vino!

VINum Cellars - Chard-No-Way

Jose stumbled upon this wine a couple weeks ago at Heinen's and was drawn to the uniqueness of the label and title. That particular evening we enjoyed the wine with our take-out sushi from Mr. Teriyaki (yum!). Being a white wine, it complimented the seafood excellently. You know that this wine must be hot because we just did a quick search for it a moment ago and found that it is out of stock everywhere.

Twin Fin - Pinot Grigio

We were introduced to this wine while at a Tasting last year, being told that it should appeal to our demographic (hence the screw cap and snazzy vintage logo). Last weekend we quickly drank this bottle with Erin before going to her engagement party. It was a great first glass because it is so light and crisp. We drank this with a soft brie cheese, crackers, and red grapes. Also, check out Twin Fin's Pinot Noir, which we remember enjoying a few months back.

Dog House - Chardonnay, Merlot, and Cabernet

We have enjoyed a variety of Dog House's wine, our favorite being their Cabernet. Not only do they make excellent wine, they also donate to a great cause -- Guide Dogs for the Blind. These wines are consistantly good and very easy on your wallet (usually priced at $9.99). It is difficult to decide whether we prefer the screw cap to the cork -- there is something to be said for each, what do you think? Either way, if the wine tastes good, we're happy.

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