Saturday, February 11, 2006

Ahh. . .Nostalgia

Lately we have been immersing ourselves in My So-called Life dvds, which has been a nice blast from the past. It has been highly amusing remembering the fashion, slang, music, culture, and just the overall essence of that era. Feel free to let us know your thoughts on this show -- it's definitely worth revisiting.

[mp3] My So-Called Life - Theme

[mp3] Juliana Hatfield - Make it Home

[mp3] Madder Rose - Dropped a Bomb

PS - if somebody happens to have the Buffalo Tom song, "Late at Night", could you please send it to us? (Jose is particularly fond of it) Thanks, Brad!


Jennings said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by rbally. And you're dead-on concerning My So-called Life . . . that was a great show.

Keep on, keep on.

Kristi Joy said...

I love my so-called life!!! They had Claire Danes and another cast member whose name I can't remember on the list of VH1 greatest teen stars last week, and seeing those clips from that show just made me want to watch it all over again.

Kacy said...

I heart my so-called life as well. it's fun to watch and drink everytime someone says "like" -- totally drunk! Also, i have the soundtrack from the show (yes, i'm a loser) and I know it has the make it home song, but i don't know about the other.