Thursday, February 16, 2006


After seeing Amina open for Sigur Ros this past Sunday, we both felt compelled to spread the word. This Quartet is best described by Billboard as "the string section and supporting group for post-rock act Sigur Rós, that draws from an arsenal including table harps, bells, glockenspiels, vibraphone, music box, glassophone (which is, in essence, wine glass-playing), harmonium and Iceland's native skranjolin during live performances."

We would have liked to link to their myspace page, but unfortunately they don't have one yet -- although, hopefully they'll get on the ball soon. It was very impressive to see Amina perform, delicately playing a variety of instruments -- Jose particularly liked their use of the saw. We each have a permanent vision of them in their mod red dresses. If you are lucky enough to see Sigur Ros on this tour, be sure to get there early enough to see them.

Check out this interview and song:

[Mp3] Amina - Hemipode Highly Recommended

Buy Amina's EP, Animamina


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SnogAsh said...

ARGH! I knew I should have gone to the show. Kelly, I really liked that article. It reminded me of myself, too. Only, I don't go on dates. :)