Thursday, February 16, 2006


Tuesday night was spent at Fire, a superb restaurant located in Shaker Square, where we had the privilege to participate in their special Valentine's Day "Comparative Tasting." Both of us were, without a doubt, the youngest people there but met some highly entertaining characters nonetheless. The wine and food were absolutely phenomenal -- especially the first glass, which was a California Sparkling Wine: Schramsberg mirabelle and the last course: a Meringue and Custard Pavlova. The most memorable part of the evening was a spirited discussion about preference of screw cap vs. cork -- please feel free to voice your opinion (we know there have to be at least a few wine lovers reading!).

[Mp3] Jason Collett - Fire

[Mp3] Longwave - There's a Fire


Anonymous said...

Save the cork trees!

Kelly said...

Actually never thought of it that way :) At least the barrels are reusable! (I think?)