Saturday, January 19, 2008

Top Songs Of The Week (Off The Clock Edition)

Both of us had to work this morning and into part of the afternoon, which isn't any fun. We are looking fwd this evening when we'll see The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (based on the French memoir by Jean-Dominique Bauby) which we're even more excited to see than we were before, knowing that it has won two Golden Globes. Speaking of Golden Globes, we found the whole presentation very anti-climatic and both missed seeing the red carpet and all of that fan fare -- probably the worst part was seeing that douche bag, Billy Bush, for a whole hour. While we get off the the subject of douchedom, here are some songs that certainly are on the opposite of that spectrum:

5. (mp3) The Epochs - Opposite Sides In case you were wondering, this band's name is pronounced "ee-poks". We were listening to them other day when Kelly first thought it was Justin Timberlake and then guessed Michael Jackson vs The Mobius Band in a mash. That should definitely give you a idea how incredibly unique the sound of this band is while also proving to be oh so catchy -- no doubt this song will sneak up on you!

4. (mp3) Chairs In The Arno - Winter Song This band takes their name from an incident in college when they were studying abroad, where they had gotten drunk and thrown chairs in the Arno river (which is located in the Tuscan area of Italy). If you're music tastes are anything like ours, we're sure that you can't help but to be sucked in by their fun and sweet indie keyboard music either.

3. (mp3) Hunter's Run - Forgotten Souvenirs of The Modern Age Upon first impression, I said this sounds like your classic 90's "alt rock" while Kelly felt that it reminded her of authentic punk, along the lines of Face to Face. Although we definitely hear a large amount of The Pixies and Elvis Costello throughout their music too.

2. (mp3) Goldfrapp - Little Bird We both haven't listened to Goldfrapp in years, and were pleasantly surprised by the sophisticated melodies of their latest effort, Seventh Tree, which sounds like a work of art (Note: this might seem like a bold statement, but this entire album is truly beautiful)

1. (mp3) Katy Perry - Ur So Gay This song is hilarious without being overtly cheesy. Well, actually -- yes, it is slightly cheesy but in a Kelly Clarkson "Since U Been Gone" kind of way. . .Just see for yourself and get back to us!

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Hi you two! Thank you for the kind words about Chairs in the Arno. I wanted to tell you that they have a blog now: