Saturday, January 05, 2008

Top 5 Songs Of The Week (Post Juno Edition)

We just got back from seeing Juno on this rainy Saturday afternoon. Although we both enjoyed it, we did not enjoy a lot of the people in attendance at the theatre. You can call us elitists (and we are not going to say that isn't the case. . .) because the truth is we honestly *hate* going out to see particular films where everyone has seen all the humorous scenes in the trailer, coming prepared to laugh at those scenes and nothing else!
We call this the Napoleon Dynamite effect.

Anyhow, back to the movie. . .Kelly thought it was especially interesting to compare Ellen Page's performance to that of the absolutely incredible one she gave in, Hard Candy -- these two very polar-opposite roles are a true testament of her exceptional talent. Of course we were also huge fans of Michael Cera's performance -- he is just plain awesome :)

Okay, for now we just hope you enjoy these Top Five Songs of Our First
Official Week of 2008*

5. [mp3] Team Robespierre - 88th Precinct This Brooklyn band is bringing their Punk/House ready for you to use while spazzing out act to the O-H the next couple of days tomorrow night in Akron @ The Matinee and on Monday in Cleveland @ Tower 2012, Akron's Goodbye, Ohio are playing on both bills.

4. [mp3] The Pixies - Something Against you This song can most recently be heard in the trailer for the new film, In Bruges, from their classic album Surfer Rosa. Big Thanks to Joey from the blog How's The Pie, for letting us know which song was featured in the trailer.

3. [mp3] Glas Vegas - Daddy's Gone These blokes hail from Glasglow, Scotland. They make do-wop music combined with a wall of distortion a la fellow countrymen, Jesus & Mary Chain. This demo does not even do their sound justice, so check out their myspace page for an even better version. Many thanks to A Certain Romance for turning us onto this awesome band.

2. [myspace] Nicholas Megalis - Drunk With Glory This local wunder kid is playing at The Grog Shop tomorrow night with one of our favorite artists of 2007, Chicago's The 1900's. Come out and check out this very talented pianist/singer-songwriter and of course stay for The 1900's who have been called "The Fleetwood Mac Of Indie Rock."

1. [mp3] Kimya Dawsom - Tire Swing From the Juno's OST -- at first we were not completely sold on it, however a few hours later we found that multiple songs were replaying non-stop in our subconsciousness, including this one. . .

**This post was "sponsored" by two lovely bottles of vino: Miguel Torres's Sauvignon Blanc and Marchesi di Montecristo's red cuvee.

Bonus: This is an excellent interview with Juno's writer, Diablo Cody, who just happens to be a former stripper, [click here].


ryan said...

I saw this on Saturday, too, in Solon.

I thought it was really annoying--the first 15 minutes were especially excruciating for me--but I give it a free pass because I've actually known a few girls who talk like that.

That said, I enjoyed the movie.

ryan said...

Also, I think I was one of two people in the entire theater who laughed at the Sonic Youth joke.

It was dead silence, save for me laughing extremely loud at that.