Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Table 45

We have been literally frothing at the mouth to wine and dine at Table 45 ever since the announcement that this modern restaurant was set to open within Cleveland's InterContinental Hotel. So, we figured that what can be a better way to treat ourselves to a cool and romantic dinner than to do so on Valentine's Day?

Yes, it is slightly early to start thinking about where to make reservations for a date a month away, however -- if it's at a nationally recognized place like Lola Bistro, Dante, or Fire, we would definitely suggest that you get moving ;) Less than a year old, Table 45 has already made tremendous strides to join the ranks of these fabulous establishments, being named one of Esquire's Best New Restaurants of 2007 (among much other praise).

To get started on finding your next perfect date night spot, entertain yourself with restaurant ideas on Cleveland Originals while enjoying the excellent songs below:

[Mp3] A.C. Newman - On The Table
[Mp3] Jimmy Eat World - Table For Glasses
[Mp3] Ladytron - International Dateline


ryan said...

i went there on new years and it wasn't packed. you might have an easier time getting reservations than you think.

the food was okay, but nothing mindblowing. certainly not what i would expect out of the best reviewed spot in town.

sorry to be a total downer X-D

take care, lovebirds! haha.

Kelly & Jose said...

Thank you for the heads up :)

Hopefully we have a more positive experience*