Sunday, January 20, 2008

History Repeating Itself?

While watching the video for the below song by The Library Is On Fire (former Kent, OH band now holding it down in Brooklyn, NY) it was clear to Jose that this song sounded familiar. . .The video accompanying this song is very indicative of something that would have been on MTV's 120 Minutes. . .With that said, it didn't take long for Jose to be reminded of the off-the-wall "Alt-Rock" hit song by King Missile titled Detachable Penis (circa 1993), which wasn't picked up by my 12 yr-old radar ;) Thankfully. .

Overall, we find The Library Is On Fire intriguing, reminding us of a cross between Guided By Voices and (dare we say) Nirvana? They recently had a CD Release Party at The Grog Shop and we are expecting them to create quite a buzz in 2008.

The Library Is On Fire - Anything But Concrete And Grey


King Missile - Detachable Penis

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