Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Stars are coming back... to Cleveland no less

In case you had not heard, the lovely Canadian band, Stars are planning on coming back to our fair city in the near future. As part of their recently announced 2008 tour, they will be gracing us with their presence @ The Beachland Ballroom on March 31st. We just had the privilege of seeing them @ The Osheaga Festival in Montreal this past fall but also were lucky enough to see them a couple summers ago in the intimate setting of The Grog Shop. Very few people were at this particular show at The Grog and we figured that Stars would never return to our neck of the woods, however we are pleasantly surprised that we were wrong.

Speaking of "stars". . .

Earlier today, The 2008 Oscar Nominations were announced and hopefully they can get their act together in time for the stars of the silver screen to make an appearance unlike The Golden Globe's fiasco a few weeks ago*

As far as the nominations go, we were very excited to see that The Diving Bell and The Butterfly got 4 Oscar nods, which is especially deserving. We had the privilege of viewing this film on Saturday and we found it very beautiful, funny, tragic, and one that you most definitely won't soon forget. Additionally, we both truly enjoyed Juno and were excited to see a film like that get recognized -- however, we are both somewhat surprised that Ellen Page got nominated for an Oscar (specifically, Actress in a Leading Role). Although, Kelly can attest that if you have seen her stirringly memorable performance in Hard Candy, then you can see the true incredible range that this very talented young actress possesses. Lastly, while on the topic of stirring performances -- special props to Javier Bardem for his nomination for best supporting actor in his role for No Country For Old Men. It's quite the statement, however -- Jose believes that he played "one of the best villains of all-time" (hmm, if someone would like to challenge him on this one, please do!). Nonetheless, we hope that No Country For Old Men will lead to The Cohen Brothers winnning Best Picture (fingers crossed).


[Mp3] Stars - One More Night [Apostle Of Hustle Remix]
[Mp3] Stars - This Charming Man [A cover of one of our favorite Smiths songs]

Note: Stunning photo above taken by Fort Photo

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