Saturday, August 04, 2007

Top 5 Songs of The Week (Is it really August?)

This summer has flown by incredibly quicker than past summers have. . . Back in May, we saw a flyer @ The Cedar Lee advertising their Cult Movie Series where we perked up when seeing that in August they would be showing Wet Hot American Summer and at the time, it seemed as though that day would never arrive. . .But now it is upon us :)

The aforementioned hilarious film is showing twice this evening at The Cedar Lee at 9:30 and at 12am for a mere $5. Plus there is a special video introduction given by Shaker Heights' very own David Wain (Wet Hot American Summer's director, aka writer and director of the beloved The State) who's new film The Ten just opened nationwide yesterday. If you aren't really in the mood to see a film tonight, you should go see Blonde Redhead at the House of Blues. Also, worth mentioning is that Cleveland's awesome local band Roue is opening. They both own live.

5. (mp3) Monomen - Drum of Glass This foursome hails from Norway and makes awesome synth drive new wave electronic music. The vocals really make us think of Editors (of course a Joy Division reference but that is kind of played out) but the music is much catchier.

4. (mp3) Art in Manila - Set The Woods on Fire This is Orenda Fink's (formerly of Kelly's favorite, Azure Ray) new band. Along for the ride are ex-members of The Anniversary and The Good Life. They create some beautiful ballads, but at the same time they are not afraid to let the rock in.

3. (mp3) Oreskaband - 20 Tips Back in the day, Jose used to eat this stuff up. This all girl band hails from Japan playing 3rd wave ska with some traditional and 2nd wave influence. They are on The Warped Tour this year and when it came it to c-town this past week the kids got SOAKED (click here to see).

2. (mp3) Maritime - For Science Fiction This is the 3rd album for Davey from The Promise Ring's current band. Their new album comes out October 16th. If this song is any indication of all his other material, he still has a tight hold on making great melodies.

1. (mp3) The Lionheart Brothers - 50 Souls and A Discobowl When you have a band comprised of ex members of Serena Maneesh and 120 Days you might expect them to sound pretty heavy and slightly hard on the ears. However, this group is quite the contrary with beautiful dream pop and touches of shoegaze -- kind of like Belle & Sebastian meets My Bloody Valentine.

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