Monday, August 20, 2007

Upon our return. . .

So, we have returned from the Jersey Shore and actually almost didn't make it due to Philly's sanity-testing traffic. Other than that, the trip was pretty much beyond awesome not having to work and just hanging out at the beach all week :) We didn't even go online once -- being the addicts we are, that says A LOT*

However, since our return it hasn't taken us very long to immerse ourselves in current and upcoming events. . .

As far as shows, it seems as though each day more and more good ones are being announced and (more importantly) coming to C-town. Among those at the top of our list are Flaming Lips, Minus The Bear (playing two, count 'em two, sets in one night at The Grog Shop), Enon, Matt Pond PA, Jose Gonzalez (YES!) and Regina Spektor's bitch ass finally coming our way.

But actually, the thing that has us the most excited is the selection of top notch movies coming out throughout the next few weeks. Below are a some of the flicks we are looking forward to with especially great anticipation. Definitely be sure to take a moment and check these out --

Dedication: Trailer [click here]

Interview: Trailer [click here]

Across the Universe: Trailer [click here]

Two Days in Paris: Trailer [click here]

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ryan said...

I'm definitely gonna have to take a break from not seeing any shows or listening to music at all to see Enon. I'm really excited that they're coming through here again.