Saturday, August 11, 2007

Kickin it in Jersey

Right now we should be asleep but we are not because we are packing to go to on vacation. We are heading to the Jersey Shore to spend some time with Jose's family. We have to get up to leave in about 4 hours so we have to make this quick. First we are very dissapointed that we are going to miss The Band of Horses/Modest Mouse/Love as Laughter show next week @ Tower City Parking Lot as much as we hate Tower City Parking Lot we both agree that Band of Horses was one of our favorite shows of 2006. We are only going to be gone a week so don't fret if you actually enjoy this blog. Till then these jams will have to hold you over...

(mp3) Clear Tigers - Igloo This Brooklyn Based band is dropping their first LP this fall jump on the bandwagon now.

(mp3) Throw Me The Statue - Lolita catchy as hell one man band like The Shins meeting Andrew Bird with some Spinto Band thrown in for fun.

(mp3) Great Nothern - Telling Lies This L.A. based band is really starting to make some noise with their great male/female vocals layering on top of lush orchestration and 90's esque guitars

(mp3) Flight of The Conchords - Sellotape (pencils in the wind) Brown paper, white paper, Stick it together with cellotape, uh huh.

(mp3) Van Morrison - Astral Weeks We have been listening to him A LOT lately because VAN IS THE MAN, listen to this whole album if you have not.

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Anonymous said...

The Flight of the Conchords is reminiscent of Hedwig's, 'Origin of Love'. Good times.

-Doug Neff