Saturday, August 25, 2007

Top 5 Songs as of this moment...

Pretty slow Saturday, we both had to work today which meant getting up early (yuck). Tonight we are finally going to see Superbad, Speaking of Superbad you too can have a Mclovin ID. Tommorow we are going to B-Side to check DJ Rico aka Richard the drummer from Belle and Sebastian. Monday we are going to The Jake to see the tribe take on The Twins (hopefully the offense shows up too) and Wednesday we are headed back to B-side to see One Am Radio w/ Lymbyc System & Montag.

5. (mp3) One Am Radio - Mercury (Lymbyc System Remix) Dreamy low-fi indie pop from MA remixed by their tourmate both coming to B-Side this Wednesday.

4. (mp3) Standfast - The Unknown this Swedish duo make beautiful pop clever pop music, that reminds us of the cardigans early material.

3. (mp3) Petra Haden - Don't Stop Belivein a great accapela cover of one of Journey's finest jams

2. (mp3) Malajube - 40C Last week while on vacation we were talking about this song since it is now in a Radio Shack commercial, If you have not checked out their album Trompe L'oeil, you are missing out.

1. (mp3) Rilo Kiley - Give A Little Love a lot of things have been said so far about the new Rilo Kiley new album and we have found this track from it to be a nice little slice of 90's influence R n B casio driven pop.

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Brad said...

I hope 'Superbad' makes up for having to work on a Saturday. I saw it last week and really enjoyed it, though not quite as much as 'Knocked Up'.