Sunday, July 15, 2007

Monday Night: Voxtrot vs. The Police

Initially, we were so excited to see Voxtrot play in Cleveland -- especially since they were originally scheduled to play with Au Revoir Simone and local favorite (and friends) Bears. But then they had to go and reschedule their show. . . Additionally, just this afternoon we were offered the opportunity to see The Police perform tomorrow evening which happens to be the same night that Voxtrot was rescheduled to play. Of course we were faced with somewhat of a dilemma (because we would love to somehow make it to both shows) but one thing we are keeping in mind is that a year and a half ago we were fortunate enough to see Voxtrot's very first Ohio performance in Columbus (see post and pics here). And, how could we ever pass up a chance to see The Police -- can you blame us???

[Mp3] The Police - Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
[Mp3] Voxtrot - Missing Pieces
Bonus: Be sure to check out this incredible compilation of black and white photographs, I'll Be Watching You: Inside The Police, 1980-83, upon the recommendation of Club Monaco's *Favorite Things For July*

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