Saturday, July 14, 2007

Top 5 Songs of The Week ( A Dangerous Person Edition)

Last night we went to go see "Eagle Vs Shark" and we both really enjoyed it. It was very quirky and sweet like we expected. It remind us of a Combination of Napoleon Dynamite with some of "Me and You and Everyone We Know" and some Little Miss Sunshine too. So a movie tailor made for some indie kids like ourselves.

5. (mp3) Phoenix Foundation - Going Fishing These guys contributed several songs to the score for Eagle Vs Shark. They make beautiful psychedelic pop with touches of new wave and folk. On this track it brings to mind The Stones Roses and Grandaddy.

4. (mp3) Chris Bathgate - Every Wall You Own This guy makes beautiful emotionally driven country/folk what have you, with vocals that bring to mind the sounds of Jeff Tweedy and Will Oldham. The horns on this track are the perfect compliment to his voice.

3. (mp3) Lavender Diamond - Open Your Heart This L.A. band makes beautiful folk/country with sweet melodies and romantic lyrics. (notice a pattern here yet?) We had never listened to them until checking them out @ Borders this week. Now we too are fans.

2. (mp3) Jesca Hoop -Intelligenticle 101 We saw this girl open up for The Polyphonic Spree last Saturday and if you have the chance to do so we suggest you do the same. KCRW has been all over her for a while now. Looks like we caught this train late but at least we are on abroad.

1. (mp3) Good Life Mike - The No Monitors Summer Mix Our boy Good Life Mike is throwing down tonight @ Hate Jamz tonight @ Touch. Check out this summer mix he made. We've been feelin this for weeks.

Also going on this evening our friends Bears are playing a free show as part of an at Art opening for our friend Kate Pugsley down @ Square records in Akron.

(mp3) Bears - You Can Tell

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Mike said...

thanks for the love guys, hope the toe is not too bad!