Sunday, April 11, 2010

Saturday April 17th is going to be a good day

Hello everyone, it's been a couple of weeks and no time for excuses for the lack of posts. We went to Vampire Weekend in Columbus but we didn't take any pictures :(
but, you can read about our experience on Ohio Authority

We took a cooking class at The Viking Store that involved sustainable seafood. that was a lot of FUN we did take pictures of that class but Kelly has the camera down with her in Naples (she is on well deserved mini vacation with her sister and our friend Jackie)

Yesterday was not that spectacular of a day, went to work and the came home and cleaned and watched the masters. Yes that is nothing write about but the point is that this SATURDAY is something to write about because this how it goes:

1st. That morning we are going to be amongst a select group of bloggers (ICaraBout, Pursuit of Your Boyfriend, Room Service etc.) who are going to get a preview of this year's Ingenuity Festival. With a walking tour of the lower level of the Detroit Superior Bridge by none other than James Levin (founder and artistic director of the festival). We are looking fwd to seeing how this year's festival promises to be the bet one yet.

2nd.  On that day Music Saves and Blue Arrow Records along with all of the great stores (like Star Pop and Salty not Sweet)  over on Waterloo road in Collinwood will be participating in Record Store Day! with A Walk over Waterloo that afternoon featuring special promotions, performances and other goodies. (all of the info can be found on the Music Saves site). There are going to be some great performances by local bands including Lighthouse and The Whaler, Muttering Retreats, CloudNothings and others.

3rd. Then on Saturday evening we are going to be attending the Art Cares benefit for The Aids Taskforce of Greater Cleveland. I am on this year's host committee along with some other really cool people. We all strongly encourage you to attend if you can. There is going to be an art auction, food, drinks and misterbradleyp on the decks. The proceeds going to a great cause that is a very important organization in North East Ohio, There is a great article about this event from The Plain Dealer.

4th. After the benefit we plan on heading over to B-side to check out the DJ set from ?uestlove of The Roots. The Roots also just happen to be in town on Saturday night to participating in this year's Tri-C Jazzfest. If you never seen The Roots live you should. What you see from them on The Jimmy Fallon show is just the very tip of the explosiveness of their live performance.


Ryan said...

Speaking of B-Sides, I accidentally went to Coventry for the first time in a couple years last night, and was amazed at:

a) How much I felt like a creepy old guy
b) How empty everything was.

It was like a ghost town, with exception of La Cave du Vin, which was full of School of Fine Arts students from Case. B-Sides was completely empty; McNulty's was about 20% full (of douchebags). I don't know if it's always been like that, or if I just now noticed. Regardless, it was an eye-opening moment for me, and the first time I've really felt too old to hang out somewhere.

We were having dinner at Shaker Square, which is the only reason we went over there after, and I don't think I can remember having less fun than that. | Cleveland Entertainment Reporter said...

So excited to meet you guys at Bloggers on the Bridge! :o)