Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Drunk Girls On A Wednesday

A few weeks ago we first heard the new track "Drunk Girls" by LCD Soundsystem, we instantly thought well this is catchy and a little different for them. We also thought maybe they were trying write a catchy enough track that might earn them crossover $$.We could not help but conjure up images of this song being used as the backing track of party on Gossip Girl or on any of the number of shows on E! that feature drunk girls. We never envisioned a video like this. Just see for yourself these crazy pandas and all of the shenanigans that engage in our the perfect thing to help lighten the mood as you try trudge through this week and make to Friday. We thought we were not going to get into this track, but it is a real grower and we definitely think it is going on a mix for warmer weather in the upcoming months. The lyrics have a lot of truth in them if you listen close enough you will find yourself thinking keeping on preaching brother Murphy!

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