Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bloggers on The Bridge!

Last weekend, as you may have noticed from an earlier post that, we had a lot in store for our Saturday. To recap the morning - basically, we woke up way earlier than on usual Saturdays (much to Kelly's dismay) and headed over to the Superior Viaduct to wait in the cold with several others (Room Service, I heart Cleveland, Kitten Kaboom, Cleveland Poet, Icarabout and Jason Murphy) where we all were battered by the wind before a woman from the county came up to let us in the bridge. 

Once inside, our host James Levin (Artistic Director and Founder of the Ingenuity Festival), took us on an hour long tour of the space that will be available to artists for this fall's Event. We also learned that they are making efforts to open the bridge permanently, which would ultimately allow artists to use this space year round as well as enabling pedestrians to utilize the bridge from downtown to easily access the West Side Market. While on our tour, we also got a little bit of history regarding the brief period in Cleveland where cable cars were in use on the former subway.

Below are some snapshots we took while exploring, as we imagined we were archeologists: 

ps - Following our tour, we were famished and in dire need of nourishment - since we were in the neighborhood, we thought we might as well hit up Latitude 41 for the first time.  We normally do not write about things we dislike, however, our experience left much to be desired (ie - the service and food were disappointing).  Needless to say, we will not be going back.  Curious as to how others feel about this place?

Note: The very top photo on the left was taken from Cleveland and It's Streetcars


Marisa said...

nice post! i agree, latitude sucked

Cara said...

I've been pretty curious about this place, but I haven't heard anything good. In the Gordon Square Arts District, I think Luxe is my fav! the pictures from BOTB!!