Friday, October 09, 2009

Whatever You Like...Some Covers For This Friday

Recently, we had been made aware that the lovely and talented Ms. Anya Marina had done a cover and video, putting her own touches on T.I.'s hit "Whatever you Like" - this prompted us to share it with you. Really, who would have ever thought Anya Marina would take this song and sing it. . .and, in a sex shop no less??

In addition to Anya's unique rendition, you should take a listen to another cover performed by Rome, the new singer of Sublime. Now, whenever you take over for an iconic band and the lead singer has passed away, those are some tough some shoes to fill. However, we feel that Rome is most definitely going to help keep the flame of Sublime blazing strong.

Lastly, after watching these two videos - one should be sure to watch the original so you can gain some perspective and appreciate the different interpretations of this great song.

Whatever You Like - Anya Marina

Whatever You Like - Rome (of Sublime)

Whatever You Like - T.I.