Monday, October 26, 2009

Have you seen the Urban Yeti?

We were not familiar with the term and thus we had to consult the urban dictionary to discover the truth.

All kidding aside the reason for mentioning the urban yeti is that you actually see one in the new video from the band The Prairie Cartel for their catchy as hell track " No Light Escapes Here". The video was directed by the Chinese award winning film maker/animator Peng Lei. He himself is actually a musician and he plays in the band New Pants who's new wave/early punk style has made them one of the biggest bands on the pop scene in China today. Note as you watch this video his use of the image of Chairman Mao.

The Prairie Cartel themselves might not be a house hold name yet, but you might recognize them for having a song on the soundtrack for the video game Grand Theft Auto IV. Probably you have heard of the bands they were in before this project, which include Local H, Fig Dish and Caviar. Given the vast differences between the aforementioned bands it is no surprise that The Prairie Cartel is a mix of the above. For us they sound like the lead singer of The National fronting The Klaxons.

(mp3) The Prairie Cartel - No Light Escapes Here

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