Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The Japandroids Are Coming To Town Tomorow!

The Japandroids - duo from Vancouver B.C. can't quite put your finger on. They got some soaring dare that feels like my youth when I used to go see bands like this who rocked hard, but at the time created beautiful distortion at places like the grog shop, the Euclid tavern and Speak in Tongues. This type of music really has a soft place in my heart for when I used to listen to all band that were post hardcore/emo, and everything in between. While this band is only a duo they beautiful noise that they are able to conjure would make you swear that there are at least two maybe three more people in this band. This is truly the power of two.

Earlier this year they had a full schedule through the United States including several major festivals but had to back out to due to a life threatening perforated ulcer suffered by guitarist Brian king. We are so lucky now that he has recovered they are bring their awesome sound to such a intimate venue to Now That's Class tomorrow October 8th. They will be heading a bill that includes The Coathangers,
Megachurch, Church of the Snake

(mp3) The Japandroids - The Boys are Leaving Town

(mp3) The Japandroids - I Quit Girls