Monday, June 23, 2008

Laying low...

As of late we are both really feeling the new Tilly and the Wall album, O. They definitely have taken what they created with Wild Like Children (one of Kelly's favorite albums of the last five years) and Bottoms of Barrels and made an even more solid album. Listening to Tilly's new material reminded us of how incredibly fun they are to see perform live. Unfortunately, we missed them the last couple times while being out of town -- however, we did find out that they are playing a free show in Pittsburgh at the Hartwood Acres in August -- and after seeing Cat Power there a couple summers ago [see our post and pictures], we would highly recommend this picturesque outdoor venue (reminding us of a smaller Blossom minus the pavilion and parking nightmare).

[Mp3] Tilly and the Wall - Falling Without Knowing (Highest of Recommendations!)

Side Note: We are enjoying Brooklyn Brewery's yummy Summer Ale (which goes exceptionally well with a lemon wedge) while cooking a nice dinner and getting ready to watch Be Kind Rewind.

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