Sunday, June 22, 2008

Weekend Recap

Last night we saw these beautiful rainbows
(it's actually a double rainbow if you look closely) on our drive home.

Friday evening we had an excellent time checking out Luxe, Stone Mad and the general vibe of West 65th & Detroit. While we were out on the town we had the pleasure of running into one of José's fellow Cleveland Bridge Builders, Hermione. Actually, one of the major reasons for us neglecting to update our blog lately is because José and I spent our evenings completing his project so he could present the findings with his group (which included Hermione) to help the non-profit organization Cleveland Saves. During this process he was "A LOT of fun" to be around ;)

Anyway, Hermione happened to be dining at Luxe with none other than Charity, who is also a local blogger, you may be familiar with her blog titled: I heart Cleveland. Until that night, we hadn't had the opportunity to meet her -- it is always nice to meet other bloggers here in C-town.

And, as far our overall feeling about The Detroit Shoreway Neighborhood -- we *really really* like it and give going there yourself the highest of recommendations. Luxe was very cool, sealing the deal to going there for my Birthday dinner with my parents in a few nights. We thought there was a great balance between the modern lounge room and the conservative dining room, both equally classy. Stone Mad was just sick, such character and exquisite attention to detail. We have both been to Irish pubs in Dublin and this fine bar definitely has a high degree of authenticity. They even have a doorman! And, the patio is awesome, all stone (of course) and with a bocce ball court -- we did not get to sit outside because it was a little chilly, but next time we will most definitely will.

Below are some random pics from our evening:

Luxe's quote covered windows
Antique and Modern design in the Lounge
We found this simple gate near Luxe to be very pretty,
reminding us of neighborhoods we strolled thru last fall in Montreal.
Stone Mad

Even the bathroom is pretty!
Note: I'm a weirdo and am known to take pictures in random bathrooms
Translates to
"A Hundred Thousand Welcomes Before You (in front of you)"

Our evening ends with a night cap in Stone Mad's
beautiful wood paneled front bar

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