Thursday, April 24, 2008

Who'd have ever thought... Santogold + Budweiser

I know it should not come as any surprise but I was just watching Sportscenter (killing time before The Cavs get ready to take on The Wizards in game 3 of their series) and they just had two commercials in the last 3 minutes that were for Bud Light Lime (which looks like it is has been rolled out to compete with Miller Chill which debuted last summer) and the song they were using was none other than Santogold! This comes as a shock to me at least due to the fact that her debut is scheduled to come out next week and as far as we know she has not that well known by the general public but she is known and thought of very highly by hipsters due to her ties to Spank Rock, MIA, and Diplo and residing in Brooklyn.

Kelly and I had the pleasure to see Ms. Santi White (a.k.a. Santogold) last fall @ The Osheaga Festival in Montreal (speaking of Osheaga, it's scheduled to be August 3rd and 4th this year). And, at Osheaga, we saw her play on the same stage as MIA, basically opening for her, and she more than held her own. If you want to see what all the fuss is about then you can see her tomorrow @ this year's Coachella Festival and then on the 28th on Conan and throughout Europe this spring/summer.

Here is the the commercial so you can listen for yourself:

(mp3) Santogold - Creator The aforementioned song featured in The Bud Light Lime Commerical


Falcadia said...

I had the same reaction. Only few people where I live even know about her. I thought she was my little underground gem that I was hip enough to know about. Good for her.

Kelly & José said...

Definitely. Not to mention that this post was made before seeing the SECOND Bud Light Lime commercial using her song "Lights Out" !!