Saturday, April 26, 2008

The best way to start a Saturday is.... with a classy ho!

This afternoon Kelly and I are starting our day with a Classy Ho. If you have never had a classy ho before it is just 1 part grapefruit juice + 2 parts of prosecco. There is not any particular prosecco we would recommend but today we are having Lunetta. Here is a nice article from a few years ago about prosecco in The New York Times. There early afternoon is just the tip of the iceberg for a day that is sure to be filled with more.

The lay of land for today looks like this : we are heading over to Ohio City this early evening to attend a session with several other couples @ The Glass Bubble Project (we are going to try our hand at glass blowing...should prove very interesting), from there we are heading to dinner @ Bar Cento (mmm , pommes frites) then we might have a pint or two @ Bier Markt ,and from there were are heading to Touch Supper Club for the monthly "I Got Five On It" . You may ask what is the reason for all of this? The reason is my awesome (not enough adjectives available to describe her) future wife has planned all this to observe the fact that I will be turning 30 tomorrow (beh).

If you are going see you tonight and if not enjoy these jams and raise a glass for me!

5. (mp3) The Pharmacy - Adieu, Adieu this Seattle based duo are coming to our fair state next week on May 3rd in C-bus and May 4th in Cleveland(well actually Lakewood). They play energetic,

4. (mp3) Islands - The Arm These Canucks were in town last week playing with Saul Williams @ The Grog, this is from their new album by the same title as this song.

3. (mp3) El Perro Del Mar - Glory To The World , She is currently on tour here in the states with Lykke Li (sigh...Chicago is the closest date and it is a weekday damn work getting in the way of shows)

2. (mp3) My Morning Jacket - Evil Urges , this song comes from the album of the same album due out this June. I have to say that offhand the falsetto vocals make me think of Beck's album Midnite Vultures and of course Prince too. Jim James continues to astound us with his ability to draw from such a wide rang on influences by taking their sound and making it his own.

1. (mp3) Santogold - Lights Out We are both agreement that this track not feels like it was influenced by The Cars but is sounds just like Ric Ocasek produced it himself with his signature synth + chuga chuga new wave guitar combination. Of course is that much better because of the vocals of Santogold instead of his.

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