Monday, April 07, 2008

Today it was warm enough to wear. . .flip flops!!

First, although we didn't do a top 5 last week we wanted to let it be known that this song has hands down been our favorite for the last couple of weeks:

{mp3} Lykke Li - Everybody But Me (Remix by Rocca's Christoffer)

Catchy as hell!


So, today was the first time we felt 2008 gave us real hope that winter is finally on it's way out. We went so far as rolling out our patio furniture, while wearing flip flops, and ultimately enjoying our dinner alfresco (which we haven't had the pleasure of doing since this past October).

We have been super busy lately, actually leaving our hibernation cave, and having a great time going out on the town. . .

Thursday, we went to see Explosions In The Sky @ The Beachland. The Beachland was full and Explosions In The Sky assaulted us and then lulled us into haze of willing submission. While at the Beachland, we had some tasty tall ones from the Brooklyn and Red Hook Breweries.

Explosions In The Sky @ The Beachland

Check out more pics from the Explosions in the Sky show here. . .we didn't take any ourselves because *someone* had an accident with Kelly's camera in Puerto Rico :(

On Friday, we went to see Marjane Satrapi speak @ CWRU. She was awesome -- very funny, thought provoking, and inspiring. Afterwards we went to Coventry with the intention of going to The Fleet Foxes show at The Grog but got distracted and went to The Winking Lizard, La Cave Du Vin and Panini's where we enjoyed several pints.

On Saturday, we finally made it to The Tremont Tap House where we (AGAIN) had quite a few tasty pints. . .among which were from Bear Republic, Dogfish Head, Brewery Omegang. . .along with some delicious grub (including their tasty pretzels) while we listening to some great indie rock and watching Kansas destroy UNC.


ryan said...


I just wanted to say that I like it when you write about the things you did rather than the things you are going to do.

Kelly & José said...

Thanks for the feedback, smart ass ;)