Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Stuff White People Like*

It is not often that we like another blog enough where we feel inspired to actually post about it -- well, this is one of those rare occasions. . .

So, there happens to be this blog just started in January, Stuff White People Like, that's already garnered a book deal as a result of its genius and popularity. The blog has a very simple strategy, taking (seemingly) random topics like: Indie Music, Arts Degrees, Dogs, Sarah Silverman, Having Gay Friends, Hating Your Parents, Wes Anderson, The Sunday New York Times, Wine, Film Festivals, etc. etc., while humorously describing how these particular things are *completely* adored by white people, ultimately suggesting how one should approach each beloved topic when speaking to a white person.

Importantly, Stuff White People Like candidly pin points some serious stereotypes that are more accurate than a lot of (ahem, white) people are willing to admit are true (even us). We can honestly say that while reading this blog over dinner we laughed harder than in quite some time (probably since the first time we watched Borat).

ps - special thanks to Todd and Erin for sharing this blog with us ;)


ryan said...

Yeah I've been reading this one for a while. I would've told you about it but figured you knew already since you're significantly cooler than me.

"Difficult break-ups" was my favorite. That and "Assists."

Kelly said...

Ohh Ryan :)

Jose also thoroughly enjoyed "Assists" [of course] and now we'll definitely have to read "Difficult Break-ups"

ps - It's only a matter of time before "Blogging" is added to the Full List of Stuff White People Like *hopefully*

ryan said...

He could add blogging as long as he did self-referential humor in the next post. As far as I am aware, the guy writing it is white and lives in Canada.

Jackie said...

this is the most hilarious thing ever. THANK YOU!