Saturday, October 06, 2007

Top Songs of The Week ( Yes it really is in the 80's in C-town in October)

Unless you live under a rock these days then you know that the Tribe with their victory last night has the yanks against the ropes now down 2-0 in their best of five American League Division Series. Game 3 tomorrow and should be a great match up with Jake Westbrook taking on Roger Clemens. If that was not enough of a reason to be excited it is the 80's here to start this month and we are definitely experiencing an "Indian summer".

5. (mp3) The Deadly Syndrome - Animals Wearing Clothes This L.A. band reminds us of a combination of Spoon meets The Arcade Fire and The Unicorns but softer.

4. (mp3) The Forms - Knowledge In Hand This Brooklyn band is coming out with their second album soon. Their last one was produced by Steve Albini and so was this one. They definitely remind of Dismemberment Plan and other artists from D.C. area during that era.

3. (mp3) Floor Is Made of Lava - Do You Sister This band hail from Denmark make energetic indie rock with some new wave chops. As you can see they have a sense of humor from the title of this song.

2. (mp3) Slaraffenland - Polaroids This band who also hail from Denmark and are playing CMJ this year are bringing their amazing Broken Social Scene playing Sun Ra sound to the The Beachland this coming Friday October 12th.

1. (mp3) Matt Pond PA - In The Aeroplane Over The Sea (Neutral Milk Hotel cover) Matt Pond PA comes to town tonight as part of a great lineup with him heading and Bears and Jesca Hoop opening. The show is @ The Grog it starts @ 9pm.

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