Saturday, October 27, 2007

Top 5 Songs Of The Week (Handclaps Make You Feel Good When You Are Down Edition!)

Exactly two weeks ago today we saw The Darjeeling Limited and afterwards we attended the Q&A -- the reason for mentioning this is because in the below Artist On Artist interview between Wes Anderson and Owen Wilson, we noticed that Wes Anderson is wearing the same ensemble he was the day we saw him (well, actually we double checked and it isn't the very same outfit, but close!).

Here in Cleveland, it is a gloomy and rainy Saturday. . .however, there is an excellent show this evening with Mobius Band opening for Matthew Dear @ The Grog, but we are not going because we are playing hermit. Also, be sure to show some love for GoodLife Mike who will be holding down the 1's & 2's @ B-Side tonight!

And now some tunes for that @$$. . .

5. (mp3) Cut Off Your Hands - Still Fond These guys were getting a lot of hype at CMJ recently. They used to be called Shaky Hands but had to change their hands for legal reasons. These Kiwis play a band of art influenced indie rock that reminds us of Assembly Now.

4. (mp3) Asobi Seksu - Thursday (The Twelves Remix) An awesome remix by this synth driven South American electro-pop group completely changes this tune and makes it their own.

3. (mp3) All Smiles - I Know It's Wrong This is the new band fronted by Jim Fairchild who used to play in Grandaddy/Earlimart and now exhibiting his own brand of lo-fi indie rock. He is currently on tour with David Bazan (of Pedro the Lion), so definitely be sure to catch them when they come to your town.

2. (mp3) Yoav - Where is My Mind (Pixies Cover) This cat is originally from Capetown, South Africa and now resides in London. His sound has been referred to as "Beck meets Buckley meets Bjork." Important to note, is that he will be opening for Tori Amos on her current North American tour coming to C-town this Thursday, which are looking forward to attending.

1. (mp3) White Shoes and The Couples Company - Tentanng Cita Kelly said "Play yaz flute for me, Ron Burgandy" the first time she heard this. Originally hailing from Indonesia, this group makes awesome Pizzicato Five-esque good lounge music.

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